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Japanese Food Sales To Hotels And Restaurants

distributing japanese foods to hotels and restaurants

We sell various Japanese foods including commercial ingredients to hotels and restaurants in Qatar.

Major trading partners

Restaurants such as Ramada Plaza Doha, W Hotel, Doha Marriott, Grand Hyatt, Four Seasons, etc./p>

Japanese Food Sales To Companies Including Catering Companies


We sell Japanese food to catering companies for Japanese who are engaged in the construction work of plants etc. in Qatar and various Japanese companies.

Major trading partners

Catering companies such as Shaqab Abela, Sea Site International, Dunes Catering, and Japanese companies that are constructing plants in Ras Laffan area.

Japanese Food Sales At Supermarket


We provide Japanese food for general consumers to Japanese consumers and Japanese food lovers living in Qatar.

Main products handled

Soy sauce, rice, miso, mirin style, vinegar, noodles, paste, natto, sushi products, etc.

Handling supermarket